“The best located in the city”, said sources of the time, “with ample interior space, a curious circular rotating door and a pleasant esplanade.”

In the José Régio cafeteria, you can breathe history, the history of an affective heritage of the people of Portalegre.  The cafeteria, not being a replica of the old “Café Facha”, pays tribute to all who frequented it, namely José Régio, who found it the ideal place to hold his gatherings.



Once Café Facha…

In the mid-1950s, Café Facha opened its doors to the city for the first time.  Thus, one of Avelino Facha’s dreams came true, another being the construction of a Hotel! 

The Café, with ample interior space, a curious circular rotating door and, soon after, a pleasant terrace, has become an attractive and very popular place.  Café Facha quickly proved to be a living space, a social, cultural and political space, a space for and from the city.

Now Cafeteria José Régio

The poet José Régio himself felt compelled to feel the space as his own, moving there the “headquarters” of his get-together, previously based in another café.

Many other illustrious figures passed through this café, members of the new gathering installed in Facha such as, Feliciano Falcão, Ventura Reis António Teixeira, Father Baltasar Marcelino (later Bishop of Aveiro), Ernesto de Oliveira, António José Forte, from the Gulbenkian Itinerant Library, filmmaker Manoel de Oliveira, an old friend of Régio, and still others.
Another group signed its officialization at this café, it was the Amicitia group, which included Florindo Madeira, Fernando Martinho, José Bizarro…

(…) My strength, for conversations, is the coffee table.(…)
José Régio, in a letter written to Óscar Lopes, on March 13, 1959

The José Régio cafeteria was designed for the present, aiming to satisfy present needs, with a comfort that welcomes, but never forgetting the history of the city, the experiences of the people of Portalegre at the coffee table. The José Régio cafeteria, an integral part of the Hotel José Régio pays homage to the poet in question, making Avelino Facha’s dream come true, that of building a Hotel on top of him…

cafetaria José Régio




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